French Architecture

The ever-fascinating French Architecture is a product of various architectural styles developed over time. Its history began from the prominent innovations and great artistic designs for the architecture of the ancient Greeks. French Architecture paved its way as one of the most famous architectural styles in the world. Just by merely looking at the iconic and prestigious Architectural Buildings of French Architecture, there is no doubt that French Architects in all eras are exceptionally skilled. Among the French’s top-tier buildings is the Maison Carrée in Nîmes. The Maison Carrée is inspired by Neoclassical Architecture, one of the most prominent architectural designs in the western world. The Saint-Étienne labeled as City of Art and History. Saint-Étienne popular in Romanesque facades of Northern France. The prestigious Notre-Dame de Paris the finest precedent of French Gothic architecture during the Medieval era. This church’s meticulous construction and design are why it is considered one of Paris’s most known landmarks, whether local or international. 


During the Renaissance period, more stylistic ideas emerged. French Architecture continues to evolve, and it is still developing, adding more styles, modifying its features, and adapting to the demands of modern architecture. In the Renaissance period, another significant majestic work of French Architecture was built, the Château d’Amboise in Loire Valley, France. Château d’Amboise is where the great painter of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci spent his last living years. Following the Renaissance period is the Baroque period, where Château de Maisons of Mansart was built. Château de Maisons showcases Baroque features and, at the same time, keeps the gothic style architecture in honor of the classic French tradition. French Architecture stands out in Architectural designs and showcases the rich culture and history of European’s prime architecture diversity.

Exterior Features

French Architecture is notable for its stylish and luxurious features, starting from the refined massive hipped roofs, huge arched centered main doors, decorative quoins, and multi-paned windows that exudes elegance and grandeur. Since it is a collection of numerous Architectural designs and structures, French Architecture has a broad history and diverse ornate styles, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classical, Normandy, and Neo-electric, to name a few. Thus, French architecture can be classified as one of the prime and most exquisite Architectural styles in the world.

Interior Features

Moreover, it is also considered that French Architecture is among the Architectural designs with remarkable aesthetic styles. Most French Architectural inspired houses give off lifestyle energies than Non-French inspired houses can offer. Taking a preview in a French Architected house’s interior, aside from multi-paned windows and long earth or white-colored curtains, French houses also have a high ceiling with Rococo style walls and rooms. Of course, a glorious gold chandelier and a fireplace in the living room screams the impeccable French vibe in all languages. Furthermore, it must not be forgotten that neutral-colored pallets are a staple when talking about French Interior design.

In terms of decorating, minimalism must be practiced and observed. Everything inside is natural, neutral, or earthly. Wood color minimal decorations highlight the simplicity yet sophisticated style of the whole house and keep everything pleasing in the eyes. Knowing French Architecture and Interior styles, they are very prominent in incorporating classical and modern touches and make it look effortlessly refined and exquisite.

French-style Homes in San Francisco

I’m pretty sure that the beauty of French Architecture enthralls everyone of us and the unspoken charm of French Architectural designed homes. These residences are not just eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing but immensely comfortable and intimate. The feeling each time you see one is purely homey and cozy, makes you want to stay indoors and indulge in the comfort of your Victorian style blankets while reading your favorite Shakespearean book and drinking your freshly brewed hearty espresso.

French Architectural style houses are not just simple houses. The beauty of French Homes mirrors the personality and exceptional taste for elegance and class of the people who live in them. The grand staircase, the large living room, exceptional paintings hanging on its walls, the perfectly crafted chevron floor pattern, master suite bedrooms, and the picture-perfect views of the outdoors, is everything you would want in a quintessential house in San Francisco! That is just simply amazing!

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