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Glen Park is a hilltop neighborhood in the south-central portion of the city of San Francisco, California. The neighborhood is nestled in the Central Hills’ San Miguel ,Range’s southeastern edge overlooking the beautiful suburban areas in the southern portion of the city. Historically, the hillside area served as a Dairy Farm, purchased by realtor Archibald Baldwin in 1897, who developed the neighborhood into a master-planned residential community. The development featured a vast recreational area that was incorporated into lovely suburban sections. Glen Park and Mission Zoo became the community’s primary selling point,, which attracted families to move into a relatively isolated neighborhood.

The Glen Park neighborhood features a diverse selection of home styles. As a high-demand real estate market, many of the older Victorian and Edwardian-era homes have been replaced with contemporary home model and custom-built luxury homes. Woodpanel bungalow homes and low-rise apartment buildings can also be found in the community. Home lots come with the typical attached layout with small yards to the back of each home. Attached parking lots and street-level parking are availabel to residents living in the neighborhood.

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Residents enjoy a private living environment that's detached from the busier urban areas of the city. There are convenient transportation options, including a light rail station, several bus stops, and nearby highways provide residents easy access to the Downtown area of San Francisco. Families also have access to wholesome outdoor recreation through the various outdoor parks and nature preserves within the hilltop community.

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Due to the neighborhood's overall quality, which includes fantastic recreation, large home builds, and family-friendly amenities, property prices in Glen Park are almost double the median home price in the city.

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Families looking for their dream home with picturesque views of San Francisco will find some of the Glen Park neighborhood’s best home options. The overall curb appeal, private suburban areas, exclusive amenities, and idyllic tree-lined streets make the area one of the most sought-after residential real estate in San Francisco. Busy professionals looking for a family-friendly living environment that’s detached from the hustle and bustle of the city will love what this area has to offer.

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Latest homes for sale in Glen Park

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536 Laidley Street

San Francisco, CA, 94131
Open House


58 Harper Street

San Francisco, CA, 94131


264 Surrey Street

San Francisco, CA, 94131


1 Miguel Street

San Francisco, CA, 94131


60 Laidley Street

San Francisco, CA, 94131


62 Laidley Street

San Francisco, CA, 94131
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Things to do in Glen Park

Glen Canyon Park

A 66.6-acre community park and recreation space featuring fantastic outdoor amenities.

Billy Goat Hill

Billy Goat Hill Hillside green space with beautiful nature trails overlooking the surrounding landscapes.

Holly Park

Circular park sitting on a hilltop with beautiful views, sports facilities, and a children's play area.

Canyon Market

Community market selling your basic food items and grocery shopping needs.


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