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Haight – Ashbury is a neighborhood west of the Downtown District of San Francisco, California. The suburb sits directly east of the Golden Gate Park, south of The Panhandle, northwest of Buena Vista Park. The district started as multiple farms and acres of dunes developed into an entertainment center upon the completion of the Haight cable car line in 1883. As San Francisco grew into a highly urbanized community, Haight – Ashbury grew into an upper-middle-class neighborhood through continuous gentrification. The area also features a significant hippie and activist culture that was predominant during the 60s. Thanks to the significant music and cultural influences rooted in this community, there was a lot of media attention within the neighborhood. This rich and unique character has been retained through the many music clubs, art shops, tattoo stores, colorful art decor, and multiple cultural landmarks still standing throughout Haight – Ashbury.

Single-family homes in Haight – Ashbury comprises the classic Victorian and Edwardian era row houses built back in the 1900s. Homes come with two to four-bedroom layouts, typically coming with three or four floors and between 2,000 to 3,000 sqft of living space. These types of residences have a starting price of one and a half million dollars and go up from there. Although these classic home types comprise most real estate in Haight – Ashbury, there are a significant amount of newer multi-family residences built to replace these older residences. These apartment-style homes provide more modest housing options for families or individuals interested in the area. There are also custom home builds occupying select lots that are spread sporadically throughout the neighborhood. For additional information on available homes for sale in Haight – Ashbury or if you need help scheduling a visit, please consider our team for your real estate needs.

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Haight - Ashbury is a significant cultural and historic neighborhood with a rich character and colorful city streets. The neighborhood's location provider residents living in the community have easy access to a wealth of amenities and recreation that they can enjoy during their free time.

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Home prices in the neighborhood are a bit high compared to the average listing price in the city, which is expected as you get closer to Downtown San Francisco.

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Busy professionals looking for a home a short drive away from Downtown San Francisco will find the Haight – Ashbury neighborhood quite attractive. Residents have easy access to various attractions, including Golden Gate Park to the west, Buena Vista Park to the southeast, and the many stores, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses along Haight Street.

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67 Delmar Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117
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766 Clayton Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117
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506 Cole Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117
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410 Clayton Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117
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63 Delmar Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117
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Things to do in Haight Ashbury

Kezar Stadium

Football and track and field stadium home to the San Francisco 49ers.

Buena Vista Park

36-acre hillside park with lovely trails and scenic views overlooking the surrounding cityscape.

The Panhandle

A narrow park that serves as a compact extension of Golden Gate Park lining the northern stretch of the neighborhood.

Whole Foods Market

Chain grocery stores selling natural and organic food items and other household goods.


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